In business there are many risks. Whether you are a business owner, Manager, or the property owner of a commercial rental property such as a convenient store or strip mall there are many reasons to ad or upgrade security functions to your location(s).


Cameras and Security Controls

  • Mitigate Unauthorized Access (most happen off hours)
    • Breaking and Entering
    • Trespassing
  • Monitor Customers
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Fraudulent Insurance Claims
  • Monitor Employees
    • Shrink Prevention
    • Tardiness/Productivity
  • Safety/Apprehension
    • Burglary can turn to Robbery quickly
    • Can assist with locating lost/stolen children


Motion Sensors with Blue Lights

  • Deter access to unauthorized areas
  • Make video footage clearer and more defined
  • Bring attention to designated area


Mood Music

Studies have shown that music can regulate mood. Due to this mood regulation, it assists in the mitigation of malicious and criminal behavior and activities and can also have a secondary effect of boosting sales and customer visit retention (keeps customers in the store for a greater duration).