Systems Electric provides excellent solar operations and maintenance to owners, equipment manufacturers, financiers and EPC contractors. Our customers choose us to get the maximum return from their solar system, to increase satisfaction with their customers, and protect their capital investment through Solar/PV O&M.

Systems Electric performs the following -

Preventative Maintenance - PV performance is increased with a long-term commitment to a preventative and predictive maintenance program. Systems Electric develops a solar preventative maintenance program tailored to our customer’s needs including a schedule of tests, inspections, maintenance procedures and predictive equipment replacement. We track what work is needed, performs it on time and reports the when, where and how to our clients.

Our PV preventative maintenance expertise includes:

  • DC & AC electrical testing
  • Thermal imaging
  • IV curve testing
  • Mechanical inspections

Corrective Maintenance - Like all power generating equipment, even the best designed and installed PV systems experience failure at some point. With extensive solar and PV repair expertise, Next Phase technicians identify, investigate, diagnose and repair failed equipment to return systems back to operation.

Restoring operation to key generating equipment is an essential service to system owners and installers. Performance guarantees and PPA obligations require that there is an ability to respond immediately to PV corrective maintenance issues. Placing Systems Electric into your corrective plan provides guaranteed response and restoration times when you experience the unexpected.

System Commissioning - A robust 3rd party PV commissioning service assures that all systems and components of a PV system are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner, customer, utility or project partner.

Systems Electric typically conducts solar commissioning as the concluding phase of project construction, but the solar commissioning process may be applied not only to new projects but also to existing systems subject to expansion, renovation or repair. A strong commissioning partner is essential for the handover of a constructed project into its operation phase.

Systems Electric has been involved in the commissioning of multiple large PV systems. We have developed a detailed process for rigorously testing and inspection of the installation of systems to ensure that it is functioning as designed. Where a project has unique requirements, Systems Electric has strong partnerships with civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering resources to assure the operation, reliability and safety of any PV commissioning project.