With many years of experience in the field of generator sales and service, Systems Electric installs all types of generators for homes.  Systems Electric will provide you with a free estimate, as well as help you select the generator that would benefit you the most during a power outage. We will come out and complete a full service installation  as well as handle the ongoing annual maintenance of your generator with the first servicing free.

Benefits of a home generator

Residential GeneratorOf course, there are critical financial benefits to having a generator for your home, as well.

  • Your appliances will continue to function normally, meaning food and other perishable items will not spoil. Everyone’s gotta eat, right?
  • If you work from home, your computer, television and other technological devices will continue to operate as normal, meaning you get to keep making money while other others are stuck.
  • To the same point, keeping your computers, televisions and radios working means you can stay on top of the current weather or power conditions.
  • Sump pumps will continue to operate even in severe conditions (if connected to the generator), reducing the likelihood of your home flooding from the inside-out (or outside-in for that matter).
  • Air conditioners and well pumps will also operate, meaning you won’t have to evacuate your home (unless the conditions make it dangerous to stay) and find a hotel to stay in for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Having a generator increases your home’s value and provides a selling point if you decide to sell your house.